Distinctive Training

Empowering Audiences through Distinctive Training

Combining cultural values with positive and proactive professional training techniques, our trainers actively engage, educate, and empower audiences through laughter and hands-on learning exercises. Ai??We demonstrate our experience and in depth knowledge of the subject matter presented. We are skilled at providing training to small and large groups, onsite or via webinar.

Healthy Relations-The Journey to Us
This workshop will improve your understanding of relationships. Learn to develop healthier relationships with your partner, children, family, friends, or professional colleagues. Understand the impact of gender differences and how men and women think, behave, and process feelings. Gain tools, develop strategies, and practice techniques for creating the relationships you want.

Build your people. Focus your purpose. Leverage your personal power. Leaders know they should do this ai??i?? our experts show you how. This workshop is for new supervisors and experienced managers. Understand the eight types of power. Learn tools, strategies, and techniques to build effective organizations. Align and motivate your staff with the core purpose, mission, and vision of your organization by empowering individuals to proactively work together ai??i?? even in your absence.

Effective Team and Workgroup Design
Explore the dynamics of how individuals work together as an effective team. Eliminate organizational barriers and enhance communication and information sharing. Learn to create a positive and proactive organizational work environment that supports individual and team growth. Examine your teamai??i??s various skills, abilities, and contributions to ensure you have the human assets and shared purpose to successfully complete projects and deliver exceptional program services.

Women: Leadership, Development, and Personal Self-Care
Native Strategies offers a variety of training and support for women. We identify the traits and characteristics of effective women leaders and teach the skills and strategies to help women develop their unique leadership style.

Sisters N Support

Explore women in transition, through the ages and stages of life, and how these changes affect our personal and professional relationships. Join our Sisters N Support Network of community-based, self-directed, women support groups. Learn the importance of supporting and mentoring women in your organization, community, and family. Move beyond historic trauma and all the modern drama to invest in your own emotional, physical, and mental self-care and development. Be inspired by other women; network and share in a supportive environment, and receive encouragement to achieve your personal vision and life goals.

Effective Facilitation and Trainers
This workshop will provide you with the skills for being an effective facilitator and trainer. For many of us, our professional and volunteer roles occasionally require we train individuals and groups, or facilitate a meeting, conference, or workgroup discussion. Learn the key differences between facilitators and trainers and build the skills to positively communicate information. Learn the secrets for preparing and implementing highly effective training and facilitation activities, how to actively engage audiences of any size, and effectively manage disruptive individuals in a group setting.

Independent Life Skills (ILS)
Native Strategies offers a life skills training series for teens, young adults, and new parents. Clients can choose individual classes or a series of classes offered over consecutive days or bi-weekly. Curriculum subjects include: Relationships and Family; Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Cultural Awareness and Esteem; Money Skills; Job and Work Skills; Healthy Lifestyles, and Vision and Life Planning.

Grant Management
Great, you got the grant! Now what do you do? This workshop is for new and practicing grant administrators. Learn techniques to effectively implement and manage your grant project. Obtain resources to easily navigate compliance requirements, collect data, and track performance indicators, in-kind services, and matching funds. Learn how to attract and manage grant partnerships, and much more.