Marianne Smith

Marianne Smith, Ph.D. is a member of the Native Strategies team. For over twenty years, Marianne has worked in the areas of program development from needs assessment to design and implementation, grant management, compliance and reporting, education and training, strategic planning, organizational policy, and program improvement and evaluation. Her experience includes work with diverse fields including all levels of education (P-16), the nonprofit sector, Native American organizations, state and federal government, and major league sports.

Dr. Smith has guided research and program evaluation projects from inception through final information dissemination to audiences including policy-makers, board members, managers, educators and the general public. She has experience with all phases of research from design, methodology, instrument development, data collection, analysis (both quantitative and qualitative), interpretation, and reporting. She is especially adept at presenting results and explaining implications in common sense terms that enable all stakeholders to make sense of data and use it to make informed, research-based decisions.

Marianne holds a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Institutional Leadership and Policy from the University of California.