Historic Trauma and Modern Drama

Developing Habits – Be it the side of the bed you wake up on, how you feel today, or how you get along with the people around you – how much of your daily life is habit?

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Types of Trauma -Is a traumatic event meant to drag you down, or is it a defining moment for you to challenge and rise above? What events have you faced, and how do you respond?

Characteristics of Trauma – Behavior can change after a traumatic experience. Learn to spot these changes in the people around you – and in yourself.

Multi-generational Trauma – ai???Iai??i??m never going to be like my parents.ai??? (So why does it keep happening?)

Changing Behaviors – ai???I canai??i??t help it; this is who I am.ai??? (You can help it, but no one has taught you howai??i??)